Terms & conditions

    • Booking: To confirm your booking, this guest registration form must be filled out with a valid credit card and signature, and returned prior to arrival.
    • Address: A booking confirmation will be sent to you via email, please note the address provided may not be the final address. All Apartments/Townhouses are located in the Glen Waverley area.
    • Deposit: A deposit of one night’s accommodation is required to confirm short stays; however, the deposit varies due to the length of stay. Deposits can only be made through direct deposit or EFT.
    • Cancellations: 48 hours’ notice prior to the arrival date is required for any cancellations or amendments.  Long-term guests staying 28 nights or more must provide a minimum of 7 days’ notice prior to the arrival date.  Full accommodation charges are payable if you fail to check-in and or have not advised us of any cancellation or changes and or canceled on the day of arrival .
    • Pre-authorization: A pre-authorization of a minimum $300.00 is required as a security bond. The pre-authorization is a fee that is “frozen” by your bank and released automatically between 3 – 5 business days.
    • Payment method:

    –  If you choose ‘CC’, we will charge to the credit-card payment and pre-authorization as per tariff terms (see above). Mastercard and Visa attract a 1.5% credit-card fee and AMEX attracts a 3.5% credit-card fee. Deposit payments via Paypal attract a 1.5% processing fee NB ( Paypal payments can be utilized for deposit payments ONLY )

    –  If you choose ‘EFT’, full payment is required 48hrs prior to arrival. Credit card details are still required for security.

    –  If you choose ‘Cash’, You will be required to pay a security deposit and the total of your accommodation cost in advance; the security deposit will be refunded into your nominated bank account after inspection of the Apartment/Townhouse to ensure all is in order. Inspection will only take place once the Guest has departed the property.

    –   ‘Inv’, Is only available to current Apartments of Waverley (Victoria) P/L account holders.

    • Accommodation tariff: If the booking does not satisfy the minimum nights required to qualify for the rate, the rate will revert to the appropriate nightly rate for the amended length of stay. Rate includes weekly servicing, wireless internet, Foxtel, utilities for short stays, and one carpark.
    • Guests & facility usage: Guests staying above the number of occupants nominated on the booking, and or using declared restricted additional room facilities will automatically have their tariff upgraded to the appropriate room type (1BR~2 people, 2BR~2-4 people, 3BR~2-6 people). Extra guests will attract an additional fee of $40 per person, per night.
    • Check-in & check-out times: Early check-ins and late check-outs must be arranged directly with Management prior to check-in and is strictly subject to availability. If the property is not vacated by 10:00am, there will be a late check-out fee of $50.00 for every hour until 12:00pm (Noon); and a half day’s charge will apply from 12:00pm (Noon) to 2:00pm; and from 2:00pm, a full day’s charge will apply.
    • Keys: Lost or missing keys and security key fobs will be charged to the guest unless they are found and couriered to us prior to normal check in time (2pm). If this is not adhered to then the cost of the Apartment/Townhouse rental (until the locksmith has attended the unit) and the cost of changing the locks will be charged to the credit card provided with a copy of the substantiating receipt.
    • Housekeeping: Our occupied properties are cleaned weekly (half clean), however, we request that guests keep them clean and tidy at all times. Upon departure, dirty dishes must be placed in the dishwasher and the dishwasher turned on. Other kitchen utensils such as pots and pans must be washed. All rubbish must be cleared and placed in the bins outside the Townhouse or in the bin chute at the Apartment Complex. A minimum cleaning fee of $75.00 (subject to Management’s discretion) will be charged for excess cleaning and labour on departure.
    • Pets: Pets are allowed in certain circumstances; some of our Townhouses are strictly pet-free. Please request on booking and are subject to availability – a $40 per week surcharge will be added to the account per animal. If a pet is found on the premises without prior arrangement with the property, the pet surcharge of $40 is applicable and management reserves the right to move the guest immediately subject to availability, however, Management also reserves the right to ask the Guest to leave if the Guest cannot make alternative arrangements for the Pet. Pets are strictly not to use any furniture whatsoever; if Management deems your Pet has been on the furniture, You will be charged for excess cleaning and labour on departure.  You have full responsibility for your Pet’s care throughout the townhouse and its surrounding areas.
    • Smoking: All our Apartments/Townhouses are strictly non-smoking. If evidence of smoking in the Apartment/Townhouse is found, $300 in cleaning fees will be billed to your account along with any potential loss of business due to it.
    • False Fire Alarm: Fees and charges for false alarm attendances are made in accordance with the Metropolitan Fire Brigades (General) Regulations 1994 (the Regulations). The rate is published in the Third Schedule of the Regulations. As of 1 July 2012 the rate chargeable is $489.00 per 15 minute or part there-of as stated in the Regulations (no GST applies). These fees will be charged to the guest in the event of the alarm being triggered by smoking in the units or misuse of fire safety equipment.
    • No Party and Excessive Noise Policy: In the interest of our Guests’ comfort and safety, Apartments of Waverley employs a strict No Party and No Excessive Noise Policy. Any occupants found to be in violation of this Policy will be asked to leave the premises without warning and without refund. The repair for any damages caused will be charged to the credit-card provided and/or the security bond will not be refunded plus $300.00.
    • Internet Usage: Wireless internet access through Apartments of Waverley’s service provider may not be used for any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment. Wireless internet users will respect copyright laws and licensing agreements, and be solely responsible for any violation thereof.
    • Extra charges:
      • Telephones are connected in each Apartment/Townhouse. Standard local calls, Mobile & International calls are charged at cost plus 25%.
      • Willful damage, loss of keys and or remotes will be charged to the guest or company.
      • Above average costs of utility services will be charged to long term guests and are due and payable upon receipt of invoice.

Reviewed February 2015