We’ve been awarded!

Last year, we did our very best to give our guests the best possible experience. Whether it was for your business trip, holiday, family visit or even a home away from home while your house is getting it’s much deserved renovations, we were there to provide the best comfort we can offer.

A lot of our guests were kind enough to take time out of their day and give us a review, good or bad, we love the honesty. It helps us improve and rewards you with a better experience, as we take all advice into account. We don’t want anyone’s word to be ignored.

With the New Year upon us, Booking.com and HotelsCombined have made their move on their awards programs. Apartments of Waverley are happy to announce;

We won!

Apartments of Waverley, with a staggering 9.1/10, has been awarded with HotelsCombined Recognition of Excellence 2018 for achieving the highest standards of Customer Satisfaction worldwide.

Booking.com have awarded us with being a winner of their 2018 Guest Review award. With an astonishing 8.8/10, we’re very proud to accept this award.


We worked hard this past year. We’re going to work just as hard if not harder to keep our guests as happy as we are to accept these awards, granted by you.

We’d like to thank all those guests who took the time to give us a review. It’s very much appreciated. You’re the ones who keep us on our toes, keeping our service as high quality as we can provide.

The Team at Apartments of Waverley

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